The Archives

In 2000, when the Archives were officially recognised as being of important historical value, the Umbria Archives Authority began reorganising and cataloging the material, which records details of the various phases involved in creating or restoring the stained-glass work, from initial commission to final positioning. Records date from 1843 to 1983 and have since been continually updated. Reorganising is still continuing, thanks also to funding by the Region of Umbria to catalogue the material in the Archives and the Library. From 2004 to 2006 cataloging of the photographic plates which make up part of the Archives was undertaken by a university student as practical training to contribute to his thesis. Later, the Umbria Region Archives Authority funded cleaning, restoration and digitization. Work is still continuing, and other material which remains to be catalogued has come to light.

The commitment, passion and competence of family members contribute not only to the on-going task of organisation, but also to guaranteeing access to the collection, as well as providing a guide to consultation (tel. 3400927902 or email for appointments).

There is also an inventory of documents, a catalogue of printed material, preliminary drawings, photographs, photographic plates and books. Thus the Archives, together with the Library, the periodicals and the 2,000-odd photographic plates cast an interesting light on life in Perugia in the ninteenth century.

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